ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad

They make sure it stays in Vegas!
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Chapter 1 Page 5
12th Jun 2019, 1:51 AM in Chapter 1: Wild Reputation
Author Notes:
We're alive! Like I mentioned for a while, expect to see new pages for this comic pop up, more often! The more pages I get to show off to you guys, the more stuff will make sense. ;)

Protip: If you're in a gambling mood, and you're betting between who would win between a zombie DJ and a drunk tourist, always bet on the former. There will be plenty of backstory teases throughout this chapter, so I hope it won't be long until we see *everyone*!

Art(C) JAM
The Rest (C) Someone who's been up for almost 24 hours now; I really need to try and sleep soon.
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