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Chapter 2 Cover
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Chapter 2 Cover
10th Dec 2020, 10:23 PM in Chapter 2: Solid Gold
Author Notes:
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Alrighty, now that we have a new artist (and took the time to make sure the transition was as smooth as possible), we are now finally going to be dipping our toes into Chapter 2!

For those who haven't seen it already, we've given the Helios Ray an updated design that now has a more Dieselpunk look; after all, the ACES group was established in 1952! ;)

Chapter 1 established the basics for this world (who the main characters are, what ACES is and why they exist, what they have to do with Frankie/Val/Alfred, etc.), but this chapter will wrap up some of the loose ends that I teased, and also provide hints on... things. I can't really specify, right now, since the first few pages will make it VERY clear. Oh, and action stuff will happen! :D

Hopefully, by the end of this chapter, you'll see the things I want to go for with this story, and that you'll enjoy it!

Art (C) Eli ( )
The Rest (C) Someone who's pretty much given up trying to buy a PS5 before Christmas. Can't exactly beat scalpers with bots, after all. :/

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