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They make sure it stays in Vegas!
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Chapter 1 Page 17
26th Feb 2020, 11:35 PM in Chapter 1: Wild Reputation
Author Notes:
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Uploading this one a tad bit early, mainly because this page was super easy to finish! Missing Frankie and Val, already? You'll be seeing them, next week!
I wonder what Alfred's dad is talking about? Obviously, he's talking about a totally normal, routine health inspection at 10GOKU. I'm pretty sure whoever's running the joint is up to code with making sure their liquor's clean... though, they'll have to explain why the bar's looking like a stack of toothpicks. >>

Art (C) Uma
The Rest (C): Someone who's running on fumes, and hasn't eaten much today... And no, I'm not gonna make any puns on Alfred's expense; that's gonna come later.
Current Jam: Dark In The Night - Maio & Co.
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