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They make sure it stays in Vegas!
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Chapter 1 Page 13
23rd Sep 2019, 9:13 PM in Chapter 1: Wild Reputation
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PSA: The Official Moonlit Brew + ACES Discord is finally here! Just click the link below to avoid FOMO on exclusive WIPS for ACES!

What? You mean to tell me a lot of adventures don't start with an argument? I know that The Goonies' treasure hunt started with that... though let's be honest, it started with Chunk bumping into a framed treasure map... while Mikey and Mouth were arguing.

Art (C) JAM and Medic

The Rest (C) Someone who's happy that temps are not gonna be mid-late 90's for about 7 months; summer was pretty brutal here, especially when I went to Las Vegas, where it was 113 degrees. 8I

Current Jam: Time To Fly - Sharon K
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