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Chapter 1 Page 10
25th Aug 2019, 9:05 PM in Chapter 1: Wild Reputation
Author Notes:
PSA: The Official Moonlit Brew + ACES Discord is finally here! Just click the link below to avoid FOMO on exclusive WIPS for ACES!

So yeah, Val has a "Spidey-Sense"-esque thing with her hair; she obviously can't see through her hair, but how it works is that if one of her hairs sees something come up from behind her, they will give her a tug. The only times that it won't work are if her hair is distracted (i.e. if they're paying attention to a conversation, etc.).

Alfred's coming up, on the next page! You'll know a bit of his backstory, pretty dang soon. :P

Art (C) Jam and Medic

The Rest (C) Someone trying to get this uploaded ASAP before I get whisked away to Walmart. X_X

Current Jam: 1 For The Money 2 For The Show - Niko
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